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Aggressively fighting homicide charges

A defendant charged with a homicide faces a lifetime of incarceration, or, in some cases, death. You need an attorney who is determined and serious about fighting for you, and who has the experience and knowledge to succeed. As each case is different, Jack Hoffstadt interviews those charged with the death of an individual in order to determine whether his firm can be of assistance to them, the strength of the State’s case and what the proper defense would be for the particular case. Any matter involving the death of ,an individual merits a through investigation and discussion prior to any decision being made on the proper course of action.

Professional Criminal Defense

A homicide investigation often involves the collection and analysis of extensive scientific evidence. Because jurors tend to put substantial faith in the reliability and conclusiveness of science, forensic evidence is one of the most powerful tools in the courtroom. We make a meticulous review of the State’s evidence, including autopsy records, blood splatter, and gun powder analyses, firearm tests, DNA reports and other hard scientific documents. Law enforcement makes mistakes and it is our job to find those mistakes and point them out to the trier of fact. We will also need to match the state’s experts with highly educated, knowledgeable forensic scientists to show the failure of the State to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt..

Reducing a murder charge

In every case our main focus is the best interest of the client. We therefore consider whether it is in our client’s best interest to request a reduced charge that is acceptable to the client.

For an aggressive defense

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